12Go Asia


12Go Asia is the best way for booking train, bus, ferry, transfer, and flight tickets online and in advance.

I mean, you could buy tickets for getting from one city to another when in Thailand, but for the most popular routes, they often are sold out a couple of weeks before the desired trip date.

For example, a train ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. It is advised to purchase tickets at least three weeks before the trip, or you risk buying the tickets for the 3rd class cabin. If you’re up for a real challenge, go for it 🙂


Here are the TOP5 reasons why I use 12Go Asia services, and why you should do it as well:

  • It is the best option for booking tickets in advance
  • 12Go Asia has a trustworthy website
  • 12Go Asia has an English speaking support team
  • 12Go Assia is an easy to use website
  • The process of ticket purchase and confirmation is secure and easy

So visit the 12Go Asia website by clicking HERE, check the reviews from other travelers, and have a happy preparation for your trip to Thailand.