Thai laws for tourists

  • Jan222020
    Can I Take Coral Home From Thailand

    Can I Take Coral Home From Thailand (A Very Bad Idea)

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    By taking a coral fragment home from Thailand, you risk getting either a jail sentence or a hefty fine. It also negatively impacts the life of coral reefs.

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  • Nov272019
    Do you need to carry passport in Thailand

    Do You Need To Carry A Passport In Thailand?

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    You need to carry a passport in Thailand at all times, but how to keep it secure? And how to avoid scams that involve giving away your passport?

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  • Apr022019
    Is Vaping Legal In Thailand

    Is Vaping Legal In Thailand 2020? Legalities, Fines, and More Info

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    Vaping in Thailand is illegal, although technically there is no law in Thailand that forbids it. What is Thailand vaping…

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  • Mar282019
    Thailand Overstay Rules

    Thailand Overstay New Rules 2020 | What Happens If You Overstay?

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    Thailand overstay consequences will be costly and you could even end up being banned from re-entering the country for up…

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  • Feb242019
    Is smoking allowed in Thailand

    Is Smoking Allowed In Thailand? The Law And The Fines.

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    Smoking in Thailand is allowed although some Thailand laws regarding smoking in public areas are very harsh. Breaking some of…

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