What Adapter Do I need For Thailand?

What Adapter Do I need For Thailand?
July 21, 2019 Sandis Mukans
Adapter for Thailand

If you’re lucky enough to be planning a trip to exotic Thailand, you’ll be bringing electrical devices that you’ll want to charge and use. If you’re reading this article, then you have definitely asked yourself, “Do I need a travel adapter for Thailand?”.

The answer largely depends on the country you live in, as there are many different types of plugs around the world… and then there is the important matter of voltage and frequency to consider.

But fear not! I have done the research for you, so get stuck in to this article to discover what the best travel adapter for Thailand is for you…

So, what adapter do I need for Thailand? The simple solution would simply be to buy the best universal adapter for Thailand that includes a power converter. This is due to the many different types of plug and possible differences in voltage and frequency. However, if you live in certain countries you might not need an adapter for Thailand! 

It’s also a very good idea to buy your charging adapter for Thailand before you start your trip. This way, you can be confident you have bought a safe product for the best possible price.

But if you don’t manage to plan ahead, don’t worry too much – you will be able to buy an adapter in Thailand, and it’s also true that many hotels will give you one if you ask nicely.

So, let’s dig a bit deeper and explore exactly what your options are… just what is the best power adapter for Thailand?


What Kind Of Plugs Are Used In Thailand?

You might be surprised to learn that there are in fact 4 main different types of plugs and sockets used in Thailand! Here’s the list:

  • Plug with 2 flat parallel pins
  • Plug with 2 flat parallel pins and a round grounding pin
  • Plug with 2 round pins
  • Plug with 3 round pins

The most commonly-found sockets are the ones that fit the two-pronged (round or flat) plugs, although many newly-built structures now feature the third grounding prong.

If you want to get a really in-depth look at the different types of plugs used in Thailand, there are some really good images on the Power Plugs and Sockets of The World site.


Do US plugs work in Thailand?

Well, this is kind of a tricky question to answer!

Will they fit? Yes, in 99% of cases. So you won’t need a plug adapter for Thailand.

Will they work? That depends on the voltage range your device accepts. So this is something you must be really careful to check.

Simply, if your device requires standard US 110 volts only, you will need a power converter – otherwise you will most likely FRY your device, or at least blow the fuse box! Some newer devices (for example many laptops, phones, tablets etc) have an operating range of 110 – 220/240 volts. In that case, you are good to go without a converter.

It is possible to buy a combined plug adapter/ voltage converter unit that will allow you to operate more than one device safely at the same time, and this is what I recommend if you are visiting Thailand from the US.

This one from Amazon is a really good bet for your trip to Thailand!


Do UK plugs work in Thailand?

No, UK plugs with three flat prongs won’t work in Thailand. You will need a uk to thailand power adaptor to use your UK appliances. On the bright side, your appliances will work without the need for a power converter, as they use almost the same voltage (240v) as Thailand (220v).

Buy an adapter (or more!) for Thailand from UK before you leave. This 6-pack from Amazon is really good value.

Alternatively, if you’re just going with USB devices, this handy universal option will work in many other countries too.


Do Canadian plugs work in Thailand?

Canadian plugs are almost identical to the US ones (they are interchangeable), so exactly the same advice applies. It will be easy to pick up an adapter for Thailand from Canada.

This option from Amazon will keep your devices operating happily and safely while you’re in Thailand.


Do Indian plugs work in Thailand?

There’s no simple answer to this question, as in India they use many different types of plug. So the best answer is that some connectors will work in both countries, and some won’t. So it’s probably a good idea to get a universal adapter just in case!

As the voltage used in India (230v) is almost the same as Thailand (220v), I’m pleased to tell you that you won’t need a power converter.

This option will do the job for you nicely.

Do Australian plugs work in Thailand?

No. Australian plugs are quite unique, and only work in a small number of other countries. So, for your trip, you will certainly need an adapter for Thailand from Australia. However, you won’t need a power converter, as they use almost the same voltage (230v) as Thailand (220v).

If you have multiple devices, one hack would be to buy an Australian power-bank and a single plug adapter.

Here is a  good universal plug adapter set that also has a combined voltage converter, which will allow your Australian devices to operate safely in Thailand.


Do South African plugs work in Thailand?

No. None of the South African plugs will work in Thailand, so you will definitely need to buy an adapter. You won’t need a power converter as South Africa uses the same voltage and frequency as Thailand.

As South African plugs are so unique (they have bigger round prongs) it’s hard even to find a universal adapter that accepts them.

This is one of the only adapters available from Amazon that will allow you to use your South African devices in Thailand!


I live in a different country. What about me?

If you live in a different country to one of the ones I’ve researched for you above, then be careful to check how many pins your device plugs have (two or three?), what the pins look like (round, flat, parallel or angled?) and also the voltage and frequency.

If they look like they match the plugs most commonly found in Thailand, then they will most probably fit the Thai plug sockets. That’s one green light…

If the voltage and frequency are anything between 220-240V, with a frequency of 50/60Hz,then you won’t need a voltage converter either. That’s your second and final green light, in which case you should be ok!

If do need an adapter and voltage converter (or are in any doubt) I would advise you to be safe and buy a good universal adapter from Amazon. I’ve done some research for you, and this universal combined adapter and voltage converter works with most devices from most countries around the world.


What Does An Adapter For Thailand Look Like?

Well, as we’ve already discovered there are so many different types of plug adapter for Thailand… which means it would be impossible to provide you with all the images.

However, as I’ve just explained, the best electrical adapter for Thailand is likely to be a universal adapter, either with or without a built-in voltage converter:


Where To Buy A Plug Adapter For Thailand?

Unsurprisingly, you have quite a few options when it comes to buying a power adapter for Thailand. Here are your 3 main options:

  1. Before your trip from Amazon
  2. At the Airport
  3. From a store in Thailand

The best option by far is to plan ahead and buy a plug adapter for Thailand from Amazon before you leave. This way you know you are buying a safe and reliable product, for the best possible price.

Of course, unless you are flying from a really tiny airport, you will almost certainly be able to buy a plug adapter for Thailand from the airport. You’ll usually get a decent-quality product this way, but you will probably pay more than if you bought from Amazon.

If you didn’t remember to buy a plug adapter for Thailand before you arrive, all is not lost! You’ll be able to buy one in many stores in Thailand. Just make sure you buy from a well-known store with a good reputation.

Here’s a small list of some of the most common chain stores in Thailand where you should be able to buy a trustworthy power adapter:

  • Powerbuy
  • Homepro
  • Central Department Store
  • 7-Eleven

You will also find smaller appliance stores in your local area where staff speak some English – just trust your instincts and make sure you are buying an adapter that has been quality-tested.


Can I charge My iPhone In Thailand?

Yes. Charging your iPhone in Thailand is easy! Like many modern mobile devices, official iPhone charger plugs were designed to be used universally. This means they accept the complete input range of ‘100-240V, 50/60Hz’.

There isn’t actually a special apple power adapter for Thailand.

So, happily that means you won’t need a power converter for your iPhone. However, depending on which country you live in, you might need to buy a plug adapter to make sure you can plug your iPhone charger into a Thai power socket.

So check how many – and what shape – pins your iPhone charger plug has. You will soon know if you need to buy an adapter for your trip to Thailand!


Do I Need A Voltage Converter In Thailand?

If you’re wondering what voltage is used in Thailand, you’re in the right place! The voltage in Thailand is 220 volts, alternating at 50 cycles per second. If you are bringing appliances, electronics or tools from the United States or anywhere else with an 110-volt current, you will need a voltage converter or you’ll burn out whatever you plug in.

To be certain, check the label on the device. Some devices won’t need a converter. If the label states ‘INPUT: 100-240V, 50/60 Hz’ the device can be used safely anywhere in the world.

Many manufacturers have made life a little easier for us by making popular mobile device chargers (like phone, laptop, tablet and toothbrush chargers) that accept the full range of voltagesand frequencies.

As I think I’ve made clear throughout this article, there are many different types of adapter for Thailand depending on which country you live in. Just follow the advice in this article and be sure to buy the best adapter for your devices.

So, I really hope this article has helped you understand what kind of adapter for Thailand you will need for your trip!

And as you are planning your time in Thailand, why not check out my other articles about this exotic and colorful country?

If you wish to make phone calls and use the internet in Thailand without paying your home network’s heavy international roaming charges, I strongly advise you to buy a Thai traveller / tourist SIM card. Read my article here to help you make the best choice.

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